The World on its Side

“Los Angeles is a volcano, spilling wreckage and desire in ever widening circles over a denuded countryside.”
Mike Davis, City of Quartz

The site has been live for a month and a half now. We’re all still getting the hang of working together, vetting ideas and concepts, and agreeing on ways to move forward. Most of us have never met each other, after all.

One recent decision that was made is that two different will take the creative reins each month, to sort of guide the content that is featured.

Since Alex JD Smith and I volunteered for February, and we both live here, in the next few weeks there will be a few features published, all having something to do with Los Angeles. At least, sort of…

We opted to tackle one aspect of LA, and I’m not really sure that it really exists (or existed). The visceral Los Angeles of Charles Bukowski and John Fante, where everything just feels so much.

The interesting part of reading through all the Fante and Bukowski stuff again is that we realized that neither of them actually describe anything. It’s all dialogue and strength of character. By making the characters in their books so alive through sheer personality, you can almost see the way they would dress, the way they would decorate the house, etc…

Potographs generally do the exact opposite. They describe, in detail, and hopefully you can pick up a mood or a flash or personality by how we communicate visually. Basically opposite ends of the spectrum, so we thought it would be fun to play with that.

Photographs that describe, text that doesn’t (but does). That’s Part One.

The rest of the month is in progress, we’ll see what happens.
Check the site through the end of the month.